Blagdon Anti Ulcer

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If your pond fish are developing ulcers, use Blagdon Anti Ulcer to quickly help heal wounds and scale issues. Available at the best prices from Swell UK because the health of your fish always comes first.


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Product Information

Anti Ulcer is a unique patented formulation from well known manufacturers Blagdon. Anti Ulcer treats fish that are suffering from systemic bacterial infections.

It is suitable for all types of pond fish including goldfish. Anti Ulcer is a 2 dose treatment for the best results possible.


  • Ulcer sores :-open wounds on/under fishes scales.
  • Dropsy :-raised scales( like a pincone), hollow emaciated belly.
  • Popeye :-Eyes protrude from sockets.
  • Bacterial gill disease :-fish breath rapidly.

Instructions for use:

  • Always calculate the volume of your pond as accurately as possible and follow the dosage instructions on the bottle.
  • Remove green cap and foil from dosing chamber.
  • Squeeze sides of bottle gently until dosing chamber fills to the correct mark.
  • Stop squeezing and with bottle upright, allow excess liquid to drain back into bottle.
  • Pour dose from bottle.
  • Repeat as many times as necessary, then replace cap firmly.
  • It is advisable to mix the treatment with some pond water in a bucket before adding to the pond as this ensures a more even distribution

 Always read manufacturers instructions fully and follow guidelines carefully.

Product Specification

Product Treats Size
Blagdon Anti Ulcer 500ml 1000gal/4546ltr 500ml
Blagdon Anti Ulcer 1ltr 2000gal/9092ltr 1ltr

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