Blagdon Bio Start

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Get your new pond filter off to a flying start by treating it with Blagdon Bio Start, helping to create the perfect environment for your helpful bacteria to develop quickly and healthily, leading to a clearer pond, sooner rather than later.


  • Bio Start 2000gal / 9000ltrs
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Product Information

Blagdon Bio Start will kick start the essential and natural filtration process in your garden pond.

All types of pond rely on biological processes to break down the nitrites and phosphates in the water, turning it into less harmful nitrates. This treatment boosts the natural bacteria into life, speeding up the somewhat slow biological filtration for a cleaner, healthier pond.

With over 8,500 million bacteria per sachet, your pond will bloom with health and life. Bio-Start helps to rapidly establish this important natural process and so reduces new pond syndrome and other water problems. It's also great to use in the spring to boost the health of your pond.

Key Features:

  • Can be added directly to pond or filter.
  • Use also to help 'kick start' biological process
  • There are 8500 million bacteria per sachet.
  • 4 sachets per pack

Product Specification

Product Treats Size
Blagdon Bio Start 2000gal / 9000ltrs 2000gal/9000ltr 2000gal

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