Blagdon Clearpond

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Get a crystal clear look in your pond using Blagdon Clear Pond water treatment. Murky water not only looks unsightly, but can effect oxygen levels in your pond, but Clearpond can help you get on top of the problem quickly.


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Product Information

From market leaders Blagdon, Clearpond is designed to eradicate algae blooms and other causes of cloudy water in your garden pond.

A murky pond can lead to other problems such as a lack of oxygen and light for fish and plants, which can sometimes be fatal and ruin a once healthy pond. Clearpond works by clumping together floating particles of algae and waste, before sending them to the bottom of the pond. A good sludge remover will clear this layer from the pond floor for removal at a later date.

This treatment will aid your pond filter too, and keep your pond looking good all year round. 

Available in 3 sizes; 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml

Product Specification

Product Treats Size
Blagdon Clear Pond 250ml 500gal/2273ltr 250ml
Blagdon Clear Pond 500ml 1000gal/4546ltr 500ml
Blagdon Clear Pond 1ltr 2000gal/9092ltr 1ltr

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