Blagdon Feature Clear

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Blagdon Feature Clear helps keep your garden water feature clearer and healthier, removing the pollutants that cause murky and unsightly water. Easy to use, and at a great price from Swell UK.


  • Feature Clear 250ml
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Product Information

Keep your water feature clear from cloudy water, slime and more with Blagdon's Feature Clear. It will shift any unwanted pollutants and restore the water clarity.

It is only suitable for use in water features free from fish and plants. During the warmer weather, bacteria can accumulate and cause all manner of problems which can ruin the look of your feature. A continued dose of this treatment will cut down the build-up of fungus, slime, bacteria and ensure that your feature continues looking good.

The bottle has a built in measurement feature to dispense the 25 ml doses directly into the water. Each dose will treat 62.5 litres of water, so one 250ml bottle is enough to last all summer, when you need it most.

Instructions for use:

  • Add 25ml of Feature Clear for every 62.5 litres of pond water to a bucket and stir
  • Pour evenly over the surface of your pond
  • Repeat monthly, following a partial water change

Please note: This product is intended for use with water features and not with live plants or animals

Product Specification

Product Treats Size
Blagdon Feature Clear 250ml 625ltr/137gal 250ml

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