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  • Liberty Solar Panel
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Product Information

Blagdon Liberty 5w solar panel is designed as an additional power source for the battery-run feature or pump. Adding the panel not only runs the water feature or liberty pump but due to the high power absorption, and lithium battery's ability to take in a quick charge, it also charges the battery whilst running the feature. The solar panel can be used with any of the Blagdon Liberty garden feature range.

Adding the solar panel upgrade to your Liberty feature couldn't be easier. Before adding the solar panel it is important to ensure the battery is fully charged. Full instructions are included with the Solar panel to ensure easy installation. The key to harvesting the most of the sun's energy and benefitting from daylight hours, is to position the panel accurately. Angle the panel between 30-45 degrees against the vertical ground and ensure it won't be shaded by trees or buildings. The panel comes with 5 metres of cable, so you have enough scope to locate the panel in the correct position.

Included in the box:

  • Mounting bracket and ground spike
  • Solar Panel
  • User instructions

Product Specification:

  • 5 watt
  • 5m cable
  • 51.2cm (H) ground spike
  • Solar panel dimensions (fully assembled) W27 x D23.5 x H52cm

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