Blagdon MiniPond 2000 Pump

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Blagdon Minipond pumps are top quality pumps that fit right in with your lifestyle - just fit them and forget about them. The cage design keeps pump maintenance to a minimum.


  • MiniPond 2000 Pump
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Product Information

 If you have a smaller pond you can still enjoy a fountain or water fall thanks to the Blagdon Minipond 2000 Pond Pump. Compact and efficient, it still delivers a professional standard flow rate for excellent results. The unit has an adjustable flow rate so you can ensure that an attached filter or fountain head run simultaneously at the right rate.

Like the whole Minipond range, this pond pump needs only little maintenance. This is thanks to the integral strainer cage which acts as a prefilter, keeping out sludge and larger particles of debris. This means the more delicate components of the pump, such as the impellor, last much longer.

The set includes 3 different fountain heads; the Bell, Daisy and foam fountain nozzle. This means that you can create different looks with ease. Hose tails are included too to make it simple and quick to attach further kit such as a filter. A fountain can be used as well as supply to a filter, thanks to the Minipond's versatile and convenient features.

Key Features:

  • Ideal to run fountains, waterfalls, filters and features
  • 2000 Lph flow rate
  • Advanced pre-filter cage to prevent clogging
  • Separate 1" control valve, 3/4" and 1/2" hose-tails Valved T piece, 20 cm riser Bell, daisy and foam fountain heads.
  • They require minimum cleaning, only periodic cleaning of the pre-filter and impeller is necessary.
  • Includes 10m cable.
  • 2 year guarantee
  • 48w usage

Order one from Swell UK before 3pm weekdays and we will even despatch it for you the very same working day, with Next Working Day Delivery options available, your new pump should be up and running in no-time, all at our great prices!

Product Specification

Product Notes Max LPH Guarantee Wattage Max Head
Blagdon MiniPond 2000 Pump 10 meter cable 2000lph 2 Years 48w 2.23m

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