Blagdon Pro UVC

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Clear your water of Green Algae using this powerful Blagdon Pro UVC - a professional standard Ultra Violet Clarifier, used to clump free-floating algae together to be dealt with by your filter systems.


  • Pro UVC 16200 18w
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  • Pro UVC 21600 24w
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  • Pro UVC 32400 36w
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Product Information

If you have a larger pond with green water problems, you probably will want to opt for a Blagdon Pro UVC. With four models within the range, each one is modular, meaning more units can be added should you need them, should there be an increase in sunlight exposure.

Each Blagdon Pro UVC comes with a fantastic 3 year guarantee.

Why use UV systems?

UV Sterilization is a fantastically effective and non-chemical based method for controlling suspended algae (green water) in ponds, in conjunction with proper filtration, leaving you with a clear view of your fish. It works by exposing the water to UV light, causing the algae particles to fuse together and die, in large enough clumps to be collected by your pond filter.

These UVCs come complete with multi-hose tails, female solvent waste 1.5" sockets and an advanced power compact UV lamp system which allows twice the UV light output in the same installation area compared to conventional linear lamps.

Key Features:

  • Eliminates green water giving your pond a crystal clear look
  • High output with low running costs
  • All fitting are included
  • Unique expandable system enabling future simple expansion
  • Inlet/Outlet size: 20 / 25 / 32 / 38mm (using multi stepped hosetail) or a rigid connector that will take 1.5inch solvent weld pipe

Please Note:

It is recommended to change the UV bulb once every six month as it naturally loses its intensity.

Product Specification

Product Guarantee Max LPH UV Wattage Size Max Pond Size
Blagdon Pro UVC 16200 18w 2 Years 8100 Lph 18w 22 16200 litres No Fish - 8100 litres With Fish
Blagdon Pro UVC 21600 24w 2 Years 10800 Lph 24w 22 21600 litres No Fish - 10800 litres With Fish
Blagdon Pro UVC 32400 36w 2 Years 16200 Lph 36w 22 32400 litres No Fish - 16200 litres With Fish
Blagdon Pro UVC 64800 72w 2 Years 32400 Lph 2x 36w Bulbs 22 64800 litres No Fish - 32400 litres With Fish

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