Bondaglass G4 Pond Paint Clear

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Get a better seal around the render of your pond with Bondaglass G4 Pond Paint Clear - it helps for a seal with just a few coats and you can add coloured paints on top to get the look you want after a few coverings of this clear unit.


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Product Information

Bondaglass G4 Pond Paint is ideal for waterproofing your pond. It is made from moisture cured polyurethane which forms a non-porous seal. It is ideal for waterproofing ponds crafted from rendered brick. G4 Pond Paint uses the moisture in the air and substrate to cure and harden.

When using the black paint, the first two coats must be G4 clear. This is because the G4 clear provides the maximum non porous seal and adhesion. A further two coats of G4 black/green can now be added.

If you have a cracked pond, then the crack must be filled before the G4 can be used to waterproof it.


1st and 2nd coats = clear 410g / metre sq.(for 2 coats)

3rd and 4th coats = black 400g / metre sq. (for 2 coats)

To work out how much you need, use our Pond Paint Calculator.

Key Features:

  • Polyurethane paint forms a non porous seal
  • Suitable for ponds made from rendered brick
  • Hardens in the air
  • First use clear G4 then coloured G4
  • One can (1kg) is 1 litre

Product Specification

Product Colour Weight
Bondaglass G4 Clear 500g Clear 500g
Bondaglass G4 Clear 1kg Clear 1kg
Bondaglass G4 Clear 2.5kg Clear 2.5kg
Bondaglass G4 Clear 5kg Clear 5kg
Bondaglass G4 Clear 25kg Clear 25kg

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