Botanico Cultivation Range Weed Control

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Liberate your garden from the plight of weeds with the Botanico Cultivation Range Weed Control. This highly porous material allows you to protect your garden from weed while still allows you to have beautiful plants


  • Cultivation Range Weed Control - 5m x 1.5m
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Product Information

Botanico Cultivation Range Weed Control is simply a layer or thick porous material that can be cut to allows planting, while stopping weeds from taking hold in the soil.

Thanks to the porous structure this 5 x 1.5 metre product will allow moisture and nutrients to pass through to the plant while still blocking out weeds.

To keep your garden looking its best it is advisable to cover the material with a minimum of two inches of debris such as peat, wood chip or even dirt.

At a glance:

  • Unique porous structure
  • Blocks weed infestation
  • Allows plant installation without comprimising protection
  • 5 x 1.5 metre design


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