Caribsea Arag-alive Live Aragonite Reef Sand

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A live reef sand, this Caribsea Arag-alive Live Aragonite Reef Sand arrives with you with it's original sea water still in the packet, sustaining the living organisms inside. With a beautiful natural colour, it is one of the best substrates for marine reef aquariums.


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Product Information

Arag-Alive Live Aragonite Reef Sand is a bacteria packed live sand that is designed to support a new tank.

The natural bacteria is straight from the sea, and contains everything a healthy tank needs to thrive. It will reduce the level of both nitrates and nitrites which is great when setting up a new tank. It will also cut down on algae growth and aid biological filtration too.

This white Reef Sand will create a hint of the tropics in your aquarium, as the pure white grains contrast beautifully against marine plants, corals and fish.

Ideal for:

  • Berlin systems
  • Plenum systems
  • Nitrate reduction beds
  • Sumps and refugiums
  • Fish tanks
  • Reef tanks

Key Features:

  • Buffers for the life of the aquarium and maintains a pH of 8.2
  • Includes free bio-magnet clarifier to clear water fast
  • Discourages nuisance algae
  • Packed in real water
  • Safe for all inverts

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    Caribsea Arag-alive Live Aragonite Reef Sand 20lb (9kg)
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