Caribsea Arag-alive Live Indo Pacific Black

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Get a unique look for the bottom of your aquarium using Caribsea Arag-alive Live Indo Pacific Black. A Live sand, it is suspended in the original sea water to keep the organisms in the same alive, making for an even more realistic marine environment.


  • Arag-alive Live Indo Pacific Black 20lbs (9kg)
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Product Information

CaribSea Arag-alive Pacific Black is a live aragonite reef sand that is perfect for Berlin Systems, Plenium Systems, Nitrate Reduction Tanks, sumps and refugiums. Live Indo Pacific Black is a 0.2-5mm substrate.

This CaribSea Arag-Alive Pacific Black live sand is designed to make the very best of your aquarium. It can be used in both marine and reef aquariums.

The salt and pepper colours of this attractive substrate create a gorgeous, natural base for your plants, rocks and fish.

It contains natural, live bacteria that is usually found in the natural habitat and has a whole host of benefits:

  • Replicates the ocean's nutrient rich 
  • Great for a new tank - will lower the level of nitrates and nitrites and avoid new tank syndrome
  • Can be used in marine or reef tanks
  • Supports biological filtration

9kg bag


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    Caribsea Arag-alive Live Indo Pacific Black 20lbs (9kg)
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