CaribSea Arag-alive Live Reef Sand Florida Crushed Coral

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Perfect for coral reef aquariums, this Caribsea Arag-alive Live Reef Sand Florida Crushed Coral not only looks natural and authentic, but it helps your fish tank's filtration system by acting as a filter itself!


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Product Information

The warm tones of the Live Florida Crushed Coral from CaribSea adds a touch of sun to your aquarium. It not only looks beautiful, it also supports a healthy cycling process and filtration too.

The substrate is a natural product and therefore irregular in both size and shape. A rough guide is around 2mm-5.5mm.

It contains live bacteria that are usually found in the depths of the ocean, which work to replicate the most naturally beneficial habitat. It can be used in both reef and marine aquariums.


  • Replicates the natural environment
  • Enhances the biological filtration system
  • Lowers levels of nitrites and nitrates
  • Lessens risk of algae
  • Supports coral growth
  • Includes free bio magnet clarifier for clear water
  • Buffers to a pH of 8.2

Ideal for:

  • Berlin systems
  • Plenum systems
  • Nitrate reduction beds
  • Sumps and refugiums
  • Fish tanks
  • Reef tanks

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