Caribsea Aragamax Select Aragonite 30lb

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Caribsea Aragonite is the perfect substrate for marine, reef or African cichlid, helping you get the perfect look in your aquarium, as well as the perfect chemical balance.


  • Aragamax Select Aragonite 30lb (14kg)
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Product Information

African Rift Lake Cichlids need a high pH level, and this Aragamax Select Aragonite from CaribSea is ideal to buffer the water for the best results.

It also contains live bacteria that will support a healthy biological filtration system and lower the risk of algae growth as nitrate levels are reduced. It is ideal to use with shallow beds.

It also contains calcium, carbonate and trace elements that will bolster the nutrient levels of your aquariums. It does not contain any harmful tars, pollutants or unwanted organic elements.

A pale, warm colour this substrate is designed to look beautiful whilst supporting a healthy balance within your tank. 

30lb bag

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