Caribsea Eco Complete Planted Aquarium Substrate

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Caribsea Eco Complete is the a planted aquarium substrate which assists your biological filtration, and it looks great too!


  • Eco Complete Planted Aquarium Substrate 20lb (9kg) black
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  • Eco Complete Planted Aquarium Substrate 20lb (9kg) red
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Product Information

Caribsea Eco Complete is a complete aquatic substrate that can be used straight away - no need to rinse! It has a porous texture which delivers the nutrients straight to the plant roots.

Packed in a buffered solution, this black or red substrate contains iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sulphur and 25 other trace elements. These vital nutrients ensure that you plants receive all the food they need for vibrant, strong growth.

The natural balance means that preparing or cycling a new tank is faster and reduces the risk of the dreaded 'new tank syndrome'. Eco Complete is free from artificial colours, dyes or chemicals and will not leach any pollutants into the water.

It is also free from algae causing nitrates, and as it doesn't contain any carbonates, it won't disrupt the pH balance either.

Caribsea Eco Complete contains live heterotrophic bacteria which works to convert fish waste into valuable natural food for your aquatic plants. Thus creating a biological cycle that benefits the whole aquarium.

Key Features:

  • Packed in 'Liquid Amazon' buffered 'black water' solution
  • Available in red or black
  • Contains iron, calcium, magnesiusm and over 25 other elements for nutrition
  • Contains Floraspore root enhancement symbionts
  • Supplies calcium without raising pH
  • Nitrate, lead and carbonate free

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