Cloverleaf Filter Diffuser For Pressure Feed Pumped Inlets

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Use this Cloverlead Filter Diffuser For Pressure Feed Pumped Inlets on your CL1, CL2, CL3 or CL4 pond filter to get the best results when it comes to keeping your pond water at its best.


  • Pump Adaptor For CL1Filter
    code: CLPA3 Available (Usually delivered in 3 days)
  • Pump Adaptor For CL2,3,4 & Genesis Filters
    code: CLPA Available (Usually delivered in 4 days)

Product Information

The Cloverleaf Filter Diffuser for Pressure Feed Pumped Inlets aids the filtration action of your CL1, CL2, CL3, CL4 or Genesis pond filter by converting the pond water supplier to the filter from a single column of constant water into a rotating series of both horizontal and vertical jets, causing your pond water to become more aerated which benefits the efficiency of your filter.

Aerated water means that the beneficial bacteria in your filter have more oxygen to perform their organic processes, breaking down more of the toxins, ammonia particles and nitrites that poison your pond water. It also means that the water that leaves your filter has a higher level of oxygenation, making it easier for your fish to break and be healthier.

The Cloverleaf Filter Diffuser is a simple push-fit device and features the facility for incorporating a stepped hosetail pipe connector- up to 40mm/1.5

The pump diffuser is available in 3" or 4" diameter sizes.

Order one from Swell UK to augment and benefit your existing Cloverleaf filtration system, all for a low price and with rapid delivery options.

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    Cloverleaf Pump Adaptor For CL2,3,4 & Genesis Filters
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