D&D Aquascape construction Epoxy - Coralline Algae Colour

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D&D Aquascape construction Epoxy - Coralline Algae Colour helps to bond anything you need to stick together in your marine tank.


  • Aquascape construction Epoxy - Coralline Algae Colour
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Product Information

Aquascape Construction Epoxy from D&D has been designed with the marine aquarium in mind.

This sticky, versatile two part epoxy can be used for a variety of uses. It bonds easily to wet substrates and dries quickly. As it dries it changes to a purple colour, similar to that of coralline algae.

This colour means that the epoxy looks as natural as possible, and as it quickly becomes covered with natural coralline algae, it will soon blend in perfectly. Dried out of the water, it becomes a red/orange coralline algae colour.

The two part putty forms a secure bond with a variety of natural and man-made materials to give your marine aquarium the most beautiful, safe finish.

Possible uses for D&D Aquascape Construction Epoxy:

  • For bonding rock during aquascaping.
  • Positioning corals within the aquarium at awkward angles with extra security and assurance.
  • For fragging corals.
  • For making clam bases - to protect from bristle worm damage
  • Repairing pipework and equipment, internally and externally.
  • And also 101 other general uses in the aquarium and about the home.

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