D&D H2Ocean Pro+ Clam & Filter Feeder Food

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The natural 'Clean up crew' in your tank can be kept fed and healthy with D&D H2Ocean Pro+ Clam & Filter Feeder Food.


  • H2Ocean Pro+ Clam & Filter Feeder - 66g
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Product Information

H2Ocean Pro+ Clam and Filter Feeder is the ideal food for a busy aquarium.

It benefits all filter feeding species and will also be eaten by clams, small gorgonians, tube worms and other corals which require the smallest food possible. It is also ideal to increase the number of copepods (small crustaceans) or for enriching brine shrimp.

The food is so delicate and fine that it will pass through filter socks and floss easily, so you can be confident that the food is going where it needs to and is not strained by the filters. The food includes protein rich spirulina algae, fish and mollusc derivatives and more for a highly nutritious diet.

It's highly digestible too, so there is very little waste produced. All of the nutrients go straight to the intended recipients. The blend of amino acids and vitamins works to trigger corals to search and take food from the water.

Feeding Instructions: one spoonful per 500 litres of aquarium water. Ideally mix the dose with a small amount of aquarium water and then allow to rest for 5 minutes before adding to the tank.

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    Date 05/04/2015 09:04am
    D&D H2Ocean Pro+ Clam & Filter Feeder - 66g
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    a good product, I dont have a big need for this so a powder I can mix a little at a time is much better than a liquid that goes off before I can use it all