D&D Multi Test Kit

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There are many important chemical factors that effect your aquarium, and you can use a D&D Multi Test Kit to keep a close eye on the big ones. Perfect for Marine coral tanks, it is sold at the best price here at Swell UK.


  • Multi Test Kit, Ca, KH, Mg
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Product Information

From leading manufacturers D&D, this Multi Test Kit will test for:

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Alkalinity levels

These three elements are required in a reef aquarium for the healthy growth and development of corals and coralline algae formations. These organisms use calcium and magnesium for healthy skeletal growth, whereas the alkalinity levels must be balanced to ensure that the pH balance is just right for calcification to occur.

The test kit contains everything you need, plus full instructions too, so you can be confident that your reef aquarium is well looked after.

Regular testing is vital to ensure that these naturally depleted elements can be replenished for a beautifully healthy reef tank. We have a range of treatments and addidtives that will expertly replenish or stablilize the calcium, magnesium and alkalinity levels. 

Refills are available for this test kit

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    D&D Multi Test Kit, Ca, KH, Mg
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    D&D Multi Test Kit, Ca, KH, Mg
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