D&D Nitrate Test Kit

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Check for dangerous Nitrates in your marine aquarium water using D&D's accurate and easy to use Nitrate Test Kit.


  • Nitrate Test Kit
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Product Information

Test for algae boosting Nitrates with this expert Test Kit from D&D.

Nitrates are one of the key causes of algae, water problems and weakened coral colours. Testing the levels and treating the water accordingly will ensure that the water stays clear, clean and healthier for longer.

Natural seawater has an average nitrate solution of around 0.1ppm, so reef aquariums have a receommended of around 2ppm.

Use one of our good quality nitrate removal products to keep nitrate levels to a minimum.


  • High Range 0 - 48 ppm NO3.
  • Low Range 0 - 4 ppm NO3.
  • The kit includes a reference solution sufficient for 5 tests.

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