D&D Refractometer

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Perfect for checking up on the salinity levels in your marine aquarium, this D&D Refractometer is great to keep handy, giving you simple and accurate readings within seconds.


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Product Information

D&D's Refractometer has been designed to give the most accurate reading possible. Their research has led them to believe that most refractometers give a reading based on a brine/salt water solution, which is not the same as Natural Sea Water. So their Refractometer has been calibrated to the correct measurement of sea water (35 ppt), for the most exact result.

It has a fine scale, running from 20 - 40 ppt of salinity, to give a sensitive reading, and has an Auto Temperature Conversion to enable a full study of the findings.

This unit offers greater accuracy of both the gravity and salinity of seawater than many other models.

It comes complete with a sturdy carry case and all necessary accessories.

Key Features:

  • True calibration for Seawater measurement.
  • A New finer scale running from 20-40ppt salinity (SG 1.015 - 1.030)
  • 20/20 calibration at room temperature for more consistency and accuracy in everyday use.
  • Full ATC (auto temperature compensation) ranging from 5 to 30 deg C

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