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D&D RowaKalk gives your aquarium water a boost of calcium ions, helping various biological systems. Available at the best price from Swell UK.


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Product Information

A popular and relatively new product from expert aquarium supplies makes D&D, this RowaKalk Kalkwasser is a Calcium Hydroxide solution, with an Alkaline pH level of 12.4 - a great supply of calcium ions and Carbonate Ions for your tank.

Kalkwasser features these important calcium ions for coral growth and maintenance, while helping to buffer your aquarium pH levels to their optimum levels for the health and wellbeing of your fish tank.

Hydroxide ions in the solution also help to neutralise organic acids created by the life in your fish tank too, helping to maintain high pH levels. Phosphates are also broken down, making it less likely for algae to get a hold in your tank for clearer water and less overall algae maintenance sessions.

Replace evaporated water with RowaKalk Kalkwasser, preferably after your aquarium lights have been turned off to counteract the natural drop in pH caused by the temporary halt of photosynthesis in your aquarium.

While Kalkwasser has no other chemicals that will effect your water chemistry, the solution reacts negatively to CO2 (carbon dioxide) and will form an insoluble calcium carbonate, so fresh solution is always required to have the desired effect in your tank.


  • Buffers aquarium pH levels (solution is pH 12.4)
  • Contains Calcium Ions & Carbonate Ions (great for stone-corals)
  • Hydroxide ions neutralise organic acids

Order yours from Swell UK before 3pm weekdays and we can ship it out to most UK addresses the very same day, with Next Working Day Delivery options available!

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