Dennerle Crystal Quartz Gravel Black

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Dennerle Crystal Quartz Gravel in Black is one of the best possible aquarium substrates for planted tanks, giving your plants something great to grow their roots in, with a great look too!


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Product Information

Dennerle's range of Crystal Quartz Gravel is perfect for planted aquariums, as it provides a good base to support plant growth. Place a layer on top of an aquatic soil for healthy plants and a great looking tank.

This black gravel is designed to last, is resistant to light and is not damaged by CO2, so you can be confident that your aquarium looks good for longer. As the Crystal Quartz is hardener free too, it won't affect the delicate balance in your aquarium.

The rounded edges mean that the gravel is safe for all inhabitants, including bottom dwellers.

Use this product in conjunction with a good fertiliser to boost plant growth and ensure that they receive everything that they need. 

Key Features:

  • Hardener-free
  • CO2-proof
  • Light-resistant
  • Water-neutral
  • Grain size 1-2mm
  • Rounded edges protect bottom-dwelling fish.

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    Date 27/08/2015 08:08am
    Dennerle Crystal Quartz Gravel Black -10KG
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  • Rating
    Date 23/06/2015 07:06am
    Dennerle Crystal Quartz Gravel Black - 5KG
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    Date 14/01/2016 08:01am
    Dennerle Crystal Quartz Gravel Black -10KG
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    Did need a wash. Looks good
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    Date 04/10/2015 10:10am
    Dennerle Crystal Quartz Gravel Black -10KG
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    Perfect grain size for a nano. Even color, it was a waste of time rinsing it as nothing came off it anyway, so clean and ready to use straight from the bag.

    Sure it doesn't have any nutrient qualities but I'm water column dosing anyway so that doesn't matter to me.