Dennerle Scaper's Tank 50L

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The Dennerle Scaper's Tank has been specially designed with the freshwater aquascaper in mind


  • Scaper's Tank 50L
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Product Information

As its name suggests the Dennerle Scaper's Tank is perfect for those wanting to create stunning aquscapes.

It is very deep (front to back) which means it is perfect for creating scapes which benefit from taller rocks and plants at the back gradually sloping forwards. Whether you want to go for a Japanese style scape with stark rocks and mosses or a Dutch or Jungle style full of plants, this tank is perfect.

It also has beautifully curved front corners which means panoramic views of your aquarium. Many aquarists also favour this as an alternative to a Nano tank for keeping the likes of shrimp. The increased surface area of the deep tank is also ideal for allowing gasses to escape.


45cm x 36cm x 31cm (18" x 14" x 11.5")


50 litre ( 11 gallons)

At a glance:

Perfect size for aquascaping

Dimensions give the impression of depth

Panoramic windscreen (rounded front corners)

Glass Thickness: 5 mm

Cover including holders

Comes with heat-insulating safety pad

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