Eden Multi Stage Internal Filters

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Eden Multi Stage Internal Filters feature different types of filter media to ensure a better water quality, taking on more types of debris than normal filters and breaking them down.


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Product Information

Eden's range of internal filters work within your tank to ensure the water remains clear and clean.

These multi stage filters use a succession of filter media and chambers to thoroughly cleanse the water. The chambers come complete with carbon and ceramic media but you can swap them for your own media to suit your requirements.


The 320 model is suitable for up to 100 litres. It has a constant self-rotating water outlet which provides great water circulation. The filter media can be cleaned easily in aquarium water, and they can be removed without the risk of the dirty water flowing back into the tank. The filter container can be removed easily and with little fuss. The 320 model can be used in both fresh and marine water.


The 325/328 are suitable for tanks of 180 and 200 litres respectively. They combine the features of the 320 such as the rotating water outlet to properly circulate the water and multi stage filtration for best results.

The media in the pre filters of these internal filters gives a total surface area of around 300cm2. This gives a massive amount of biological filtration in bacterial colonies. Add to this the second and third chambers which can be filled with media for the best possible filtration. This model has 'wings' which enable the filter to be lifted from the water easily for maintenance.

All models are equipped with a 'venturi' outlet which allows oxygen through into the water. A rotating water outlet makes sure that the water is properly circulated for optimum aeration.

Key Features:

  • 320 model suitable for tanks up to 100 litres
  • 325 model suitable for tanks up to 180 litres
  • 328 model suitable for tanks up to 200 litres
  • Carbon and ceramic media included in 320 model
  • Pre filter media included in 325/328 models
  • Multi chambers for the best filtration
  • Suitable for marine and fresh water tanks
  • 3 year guarantee

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    Eden 328 Multi Stage Internal Filters
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