Eheim Battery Gravel Cleaner

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The Eheim Battery Cleaner is designed to remove debris from your aquarium quickly and easily, without the need to do huge water changes. Great stuff at a great price!


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Product Information

The Eheim Battery Gravel Cleaner is designed to remove debris from the aquarium easily and quickly.

It has a working duration of four hours, so you can be sure that even the largest tanks can be easily cleaned. It can be used with both fresh and marine aquariums, even between water changes.

It utilises a powerful suction pump to suck dirt and debris from the floor of the aquarium, and remove sludge build up from the gravel too. Sludge is formed from decaying food, plant and fish waste and can soon form a thick layer of unsightly matter, which can release toxins into the water. This not only makes the aquarium look great but keeps the water healthier too.

The Vac is easy to hold so you can move it around the tank with just one hand, even between regular maintenance. It doesn't disturb the substrate so won't upset the look of your aquarium.

The powerful pump action sucks up the dirty water from the gravel bed, removing all small particles of dirt, grime and sludge, whilst releasing the clean water straight back into the aquarium. The Vac comes complete with batteries, so it's ready to plug and play.

Key Features:

  • Size approx. 18"
  • Battery operation
  • Working duration of up to four hours
  • Easy handling
  • Integrated, easy-to-clean filter element
  • Powerful suction pump
  • Suction jet with extension element,
  • Suitable for marine and freshwater
  • Supplied complete with batteries
  • Two year guarantee

Product Specification

Product Guarantee
Eheim Battery Gravel Cleaner 2 Years

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