Eheim EHFISubstrat Pro

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Eheim EHFISubstrat Pro comes in a pearl like form and makes for a great biological filter media, especially in other eheim filters for which it is made.


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Product Information

This superior media from Eheim provides excellent biological filtration. The SubstratPro is made from the same material as the Eheim Substrat, but in pearl form. This creates a high density of media within the canister for the maximum amount of filtration.

In can be used in external filter, and is of course designed for the Eheim range. It can be used in the Eheim Aquaball range too. The formulation works to reduce nitrites and ammonia in the water, and can be used in both fresh and marine water aquariums.

The media is pH and KH neutral and will not affect water chemistry. It can be cleaned and replaced, but this must be done carefully to avoid destroying the bacterial cultures.

Key Features:

  • Fast and efficient decomposition of aquatic water toxins.
  • Optimal colonisation conditions for purification bacteria.
  • Ball shaped form assures optimal use of filter basket.
  • Quality sintered material assures that material carries no harmful substances.

Product Specification

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Eheim Substrat Pro 1ltr 1 Litre
Eheim Substrat Pro 2ltr 2 Litre

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