Evolution Aqua Pure Aquarium

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The Evolution Aqua Pure Aquarium treatment uses bacteria and enzymes to quicklybreak down dangerous levels of ammonia and nitrates in your tank water, so they can be cleared out by yoru filter system more easily.


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Product Information

The Evolution Aqua Pure Aquarium is an easy way to maintain crystal clear and healthy aquarium water, by using live bacteria and enzymes in a liquid ball form.

Each ball contains millions of live bacteria and enzymes. The balls break down when added to the water, and the bacteria and enzymes work together to break down ammonia and nitrates.

It also breaks down organic waste which is often the cause of poor water clarity. The water will become clear, clean without a hint of cloudiness. Evolution Aqua recommends the addition of air into your tank using an air pump or Venturi.

Evolution Aqua Pure Aquarium is suitable for use with both freshwater and tropical aquariums.

It is great to use when starting up a new tank to help mature the filter.

Dosage: Add 5 to 10 balls per 100 litres / 22 gallons of water

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