Fish Mate 10000 / 15000 Powerclenz PUV Foam Set

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Ensure your Fish Mate Powerclenz filter is up and running with these replacement mechanical filter foams for the 10000 and 15000 models.


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Product Information

The Fish Mate 10000/15000 Powerclenz PUV Foam Set is the replacement foam kit for the Fish Mate 10000/15000 Powerclenz PUV filters.

These replacement filter foams are designed to fit perfectly into the filters for optimum waste and grime removal. Simply slot into place to replace worn foams and continue the performance of your Fishmate pond filter.

Coarse foams trap all types of grime, waste and dirt for the best results, before the water travels through to the biological media section. They can be cleaned simply by utilising the dial atop the filter, which uses water pressure to force dirt and sludge from the media. 

Please note: These kits do not contain a replacement U.V bulb or seal.

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