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Product Information

Fishmate pond pumps are a longstanding favourite amongst many pond keepers. Their solid, durable construction, compact size and reliable performance makes them a top choice.

The Fishmate 700 to 1200 feature pumps have a flow rate that makes them ideal for fountains, while the 1500 to 4000 models are ideal for small to medium pond filters. For medium to large ponds, take a look at the 5000-9000 models, and for even larger water bodies the 16000 and 20000 are ideal to handle huge quantities of water.

Please note: only the 1500 to 18000 pumps come complete with the T-piece and fountain spout to supply water to a feature, filter or watercourse and fountain. The 700 to 1200 are for fountains only.

Each pump is easily controlled via an adjustment knob, which controls the flow rate to fountains and waterfalls or filters. The housing of the pumps incorporates a strainer pre filter that stops excess sludge and debris from entering the pump. This makes it much easier to clean and prolongs the life of delicate components such as the impellor.

Each set includes four easily attached fountain heads; Bell, Column, Plume and Tiered Jets. Beautiful, unique water effects that make your pond and garden look and sound amazing.

For peace of mind each pump comes complete with a three year guarantee. From the smallest model to the largest, you can be confident that your pond will benefit from the excellent craftsmanship that goes into every Fishmate pump.

To keep your pump in good working order the Fishmate Pond Pump Service Kit contains a new impellor, cover, magnetic rotor and more.

Key Features:

  • Anti-clog filter designs
  • Larger models perfect for bigger ponds or pools
  • Superior wear resistance
  • Low running costs
  • Includes fountain set with four options: Bell, Column, Plume and Tiered Jets
  • Comes complete with 10 metres of cable
  • Service Kit available separately

Product Specification

Product Max LPH Wattage Outlet Pipe Size Guarantee Max Head
Fish Mate 700 Feature Pump 700 Ltrs/hour 9w 13mm 3 Year 1.2m
Fish Mate 1200 Pond Pump 1200Ltrs/hour 18w 12-19mm 3 Year 2m
Fish Mate 1500 Pond Pump 1500 Ltrs / hour 22w 12-19mm 3 Year 2.0m
Fish Mate 1800 Pond Pump 1800Ltrs / Hour 23w 12-19mm 3 Year 2.0 m
Fish Mate 2000 Pond Pump 2000Ltrs / hour 25w 12-19mm 3 Year 2.5m
Fish Mate 3000 Pond Pump 3000Ltrs/hour 28w 12-25mm 3 year 2.05m
Fish Mate 4000 Pond Pump 4000Ltrs/hour 47w 12, 19, 25mm 3 Year 2.9m
Fish Mate 5000 Pond Pump 5500Ltrs/hour 75w 19-32mm 3 Year 4.0m
Fish Mate 7000 Pond Pump 7100Ltrs / hour 80w 19-32mm 3 Year 4.0m
Fish Mate 9000 Pond Pump 8900Ltrs/hour 115w 19-32mm 3 Year 4.0m
Fish Mate 18000 Pond Pump n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

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