Fluval Clearmax - Phosphate Remover

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Take control of your aquarium's phosphate levels before they feed a bloom of algae with Fluval Clearmax - Phosphate Remover.


  • Clearmax 300g
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Product Information

Fluval ClearMax is a science grade resin designed to adsorb phosphate, nitrite and nitrate.

Reducing the levels of these nutrients not only leaves a clean, healthy tank, it also lowers the possibilty of algae problems.

Clearmax 300g comes with 3 x 100g bags that can be popped in to the filter easily. As the water passes through, the resin will cleanse it of any unwanted nutrients and odours - leaving a healthy, fresh tank and happy, healthy fish and plants.

Clearmax treats 300L (80 US gal) and is suitable for both fresh and saltwater aquariums.

It is compatible with all 04/05/06 and FX5/6 Fluval external filter models.

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