Fluval CO2 Indicator Kit

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This Fluval CO2 Indicator Kit helps you monitor the levels of CO2 in your aquarium water, allowing you to make adjustments when needed to ensure your plants have the Carbon Dioxide they need to grow perfectly.


  • CO2 Indicator Kit
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  • CO2 Indicator Liquid Re-fill
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Product Information

The Fluval CO2 Indicator Kit is ideal for a planted aquarium as it will quickly and accurately determine the level of carbon dioxide in the water.

Essential for plants to thrive, the amount of CO2 must be tested routinely, and levels topped up as necessary.

The test comes complete with a heavy duty sucker that secures it to the inside of the aquarium. Simply add the liquid and the colour change process will demote the level of CO2 in the water.

The test liquid is also available as a refill. Why not add a bottle when you order the test kit, then you're always prepared!

Key Features:

  • In test chamber, complete with heavy duty sucker
  • Test Liquid (10ml)
  • Colour checker


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