Fluval Cycle

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Fluval Cycle helps you kick start your new aquarium's biological filtration. Best used as part of a fishless cycle, it helps develop the bacteria that will later clear your tank of ammonia, nitrates and nitrites.


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Product Information

Fluval Cycle is a fast-acting aquarium supplement designed to kick start and improve the biological filtration of a fish tank. The bacteria rich formula neutralises ammonia , so it's great for new aquariums.

Fluval Cycle is a carefully selected biological water conditioner created with carefully selected strains of beneficial bacteria.

Key Features:

  • Biological Aquarium Supplement- Works together with other beneficial strains to eliminate harmful toxins such as ammonia.
  • Highly concentrated
  • The ideal mix of beneficial bacteria to make the aquarium water purer and the environment healthy
  • Suitable for use with both freshwater and marine aquariums

Product Specification

Product Size
Fluval Cycle 250ml 250ml
Fluval Cycle 500ml 500ml
Fluval Cycle 2 litres n/a

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