Fluval Easy Clean Gravel Cleaner

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The Fluval Easy Clean Gravel Cleaners have been designed to keep the gravel in your tank, not drag it into the bucket, and also to make cleaning your fish tank or aquarium an easy, comfortable task


  • Easy Clean Gravel Cleaner Mini
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  • Easy Clean Gravel Cleaner Small
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Product Information

The Fluval Easy Clean Gravel Cleaner is the perfect tool to clean your aquarium.

The cleaner comes complete with two heads. A gravel head for deep, thorough cleaning, and a slimmer nozzle for hard to reach areas and behind equipment. The gravel head has a guard to stop pieces of gravel from entering and clogging the tube.

The cleaner produces a constant flow of water so the dirt and waste is sucked away, sending just the clean gravel back into the tank. Simply move the cleaner around the base of your tank to effectively 'vacuum' away grime and ensure that your tank looks great.

It's easy to start the siphoning action, as the cleaner has an easy-start valve, simply move the device up and down in the water.

The non-kink hose means less chance of damage, and resulting leaks and spillages.

Key Features:

  • A gravel head for deep cleaning
  • Easy start valve
  • A slim head for hard to reach areas, great for planted aquariums
  • Comfortable grip
  • Non kink hose


  • Mini - Cleaning Tube 10", 1" Diameter, 5' Tubing.
  • Small - Cleaning Tube 10", 2" Diameter, 5' Tubing.
  • Medium - Cleaning Tube 10", 2.5" Diameter, 5' Tubing.
  • Large - Cleaning Tube 24", 2.5" Diameter, 5' Tubing.

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