Fluval Edge Extendable Fish Net

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Easily catch your fish in your Fluval Edge when you need to perform maintenance of treatment, using this Edge Extendable Fish Net. Easy grip and made especially for the Edge, you won't find an easier way.


  • Edge Extendable Fish Net
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Product Information

Fluval is a name associated with great quality aquatic items, and this Extendable Fish Net is no exception. Designed exclusively for the Fluval Edge range, it will make maintenance and fish care easy.

The sturdy, metal handle makes for an easy grip, and as it can be extended up to 56cm, you can be sure that you can reach the darkest depths of your aquarium.

The triangular head can get into the most awkward corners and spaces, thanks to it's angular design. As it is made from good quality, smooth netting it will handle and transport your fish safely.

Check out the Fluval Edge Extendable Gravel Cleaner as another great piece for your maintenance kit.

Key Features:

  • 10cm triangular head for precise use
  • Smooth and safe netting mesh
  • Delicate for careful handling
  • Extendable up to 56cm
  • Heavy duty rigid pole

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