Fluval Filter Carbon

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Remove harmful pollutants from your aquarium using this Fluval Filter Carbon, helping with the colour, smell and overall health of your fish tank.


  • Filter Carbon 375g
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  • Filter Carbon 900g (with media bag)
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Product Information

Fluval Filter Carbon is an excellent product to remove pollutants, ammonia and all manner of other unwanted elements in aquarium water. It binds the waste products and retains them, leaving just clean water. It also helps to remove any discolouration or tannins too.

This carbon media is absorbent and as it has a large porous area it is a popular aquarium treatment. It will become less absorbent over time so it's advisable to change approximately once a month.

If you are treating your fish with medication, Fluval advise that you stop use of the carbon filter, and also take care when using with live plants.

Fluval filter carbon 900g comes with resealable tub including a free reusable media bag.

Fluval carbon is compatible with all Fluval cannister filters including the larger FX5/6 range.

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