Fluval Marine M-40 Aquarium and Cabinet (54litre)

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The Fluval Marine Aquarium is a stunning aquarium with modern clean lines and a contemporary finish. It includes everything needed for reef keeping. The M-40 is a 53L aquarium set.


  • Marine M-40 Aquarium and Cabinet
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Product Information

The Fluval Marine Aquarium and Cabinet come complete with all the necessary kit to create a gorgeous reef. It includes a highly efficient LED lighting system, protein skimmer and heater. The cabinet included provides a great stand for the tank as well as storage.

The low energy Nano Marine & Reef High Performance LED Lamp is perfect for lush growth plant and coral growth. It has a control system that you can easily change to day or night mode. LED's are well known as long lasting, low cost lighting elements, so you get a great result for a very low cost.

The Fluval Sea protein skimmer and Sea CP1 pump sit in the cabinet below. Providing great filtration and water circulation they both ensure that the tank remains clean and clear. In addition to this, a convenient drain hose allows 20% water changes easily, without much disruption.

Key Features:

  • Simple valve
  • Quickly drains filter compartment
  • Saltwater mix can be poured into compartment
  • Drain hose neatly stored in cabinet

A Fluval M heater is also enlcosed, so you can make sure the water is just right for your tropical reef. Submersible and in a mirrored finish, this powerful heater blends into the fish tank easily.

The corresponding cabinet cleverly conceals the equipment, as well as providing a great place for the tank. The sleek, two tone pillar looks great whilst providing a great place for necessary equipment.

It is advised to use the full Fluval Sea additives range to achieve maxiumum colour and growth in your reef aquarium.


  • Fluval M40 53 Litre Aquarium Set
  • Modern design
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Fluval Marine & Reef LED Nano Lamp
  • Fluval Sea Protein Skimmer
  • Fluval Sea Circulation Pump
  • Fluval Sea Re-Circulation Pump
  • Fluval M Heater


  • Aquarium Dimensions: (W x D x H) 40 x 42 x 40cm
  • Cabinet Dimensions: 40 x 42 x 85cm


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