Fluval Marine M-60 Aquarium and Cabinet (91litre)

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The Fluval Marine Aquarium is a stunningly designed aquarium with modern clean lines and a contemporary finish. It is set up with everything that is needed for reef keeping.


  • Marine M-60 Aquarium and Cabinet
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Product Information

The Fluval Marine Aquarium comes with all the hardware for a reef setup. It includes high efficiency Fluval Marine and Reef Performance LED lighting with Multi LED technology for powerful spectral performance that will drive lush coral growth while providing great viewing. It has integrated frosted glass framing that conceals waterline at surface and gravel debris at the bottom.

The fish tank has an efficient and powerful filtration system in the form of a protein skimmer and circulation pump which not only cleans the water but circulates it, disseminating oxygen for healthier plants and corals. This type of kit needs storage which is provided in the matching cabinet. The two tone colours and chic style look great in any space.

Another bonus of the cabinet is the drainage system, cut down on maintenance and water changes easily. You can change up to 20% of the aquarium volume without exposing corals to the air. The unique drainage assembly is discreetly situated in the rear filter compartments that connects to a simple valve system inside the cabinet.

  • Simple valve
  • Quickly drains filter compartment
  • Saltwater mix can be poured into compartment
  • Drain hose neatly stored in cabinet

The Fluval Marine and Reef LED Light Strip features 6 unique LED band widths including those essential actinic blue wavelengths which give full spectrum coverage. This innovative lighting system allows key spectral reinforcement to provide a balanced combination for optimal coral activity and growth.

Key Features:

  • 91 Litre Aquarium Set
  • Modern design
  • 2 Year guarantee
  • Fluval Marine & Reef LED Strip
  • Light Fluval Sea Protein Skimmer
  • Fluval Sea Circulation Pump
  • Fluval Sea Re-Circulation Pump
  • Fluval M Heater
  • Light Valance


  • Aquarium Dimensions: (W x D x H) 60 x 42 x 40cm
  • Cabinet Dimensions: 60 x 42 x 85cm

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    Fluval Marine M-60 Aquarium and Cabinet
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