Fluval Pressurised CO2 Kit 88g

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Feed your planted aquarium with the CO2 it needs to thrive using a Fluval Pressurised CO2 Kit 88g. Carbon Dioxide needs to be present in your aquarium water for your plants to grow, and this is one of the best ways to delivery it.


  • Pressurised CO2 Kit - 88g
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  • Pressurised Disposable CO2 Cartridges 88g
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Product Information

This Fluval Pressurised CO2 Kit 88g is designed for planted aquariums, and includes everything you need to ensure that your plants receive the right amount of carbon dioxide.

Carbon Dioxide must be supplemented in your aquarium as it's naturally lacking. This Fluval CO2 System is ideal to make the very best of your plants. Using one of our collection of planted tank fertilizers is a good idea too.

This kit is designed for aquariums from 57 to 150 litres. For smaller aquariums, take a look at the Fluval Mini Pressurised CO2 Kit 20g.

Key Features:

  • 88g disposable CO2 cartridge
  • Regulator valve and gauge
  • CO2 ceramic diffuser
  • Holding bracket
  • Connecting hose

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