Fluval Sea Iodine Supplement

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Help balance your saltwater tank's Iodine levels with Fluval Sea Iodine Supplement, aiding your coral's in developing a stunning natural colour.


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Product Information

Fluval Sea Iodine Supplement is the perfect product to restore essential iodine levels within your aquarium.

Recreating the natural balance of sea water will make sure that your corals can develop beautifully. Restoring the iodine levels that are depleted by protein skimmers and coral and coralline algae formation will ensure that your tank is always at the perfect balance.

The Iodine Supplement is free of all unwanted pollutants such as gluconates, nitrates and phosphates which could cause algae growth amongst other problems.

5ml of the Fluval Sea Iodine Supplement will treat up to 400 litres.

Key Features:

  • Boosts the levels of iodine in a marine aquarium to support coral growth and maintenance
  • Contains two naturally occurring iodine compounds in proportions that reflect natural sea water
  • Free from unwanted contaminants

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    Date 09/04/2016 09:04am
    Fluval Sea Iodine Supplement 237ml
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    Not used long enough to know if it does the job.