Fluval Sea Trace Elements

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Replenish the vital trace elements in your marine tank with Fluval Sea Trace Elements - a simple supplement to help balance your aquarium chemistry.


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Product Information

Fluval Sea Trace Elements is a concentrated blend of 11 key trace elements that support the essential biological processes in the marine aquarium. It is the ideal treatment for aquariums where trace element depletion regularly occurs, usually associated with protein skimming, chemical filtration and the natural biological processes of the aquarium.

To help assure the purity of this product, Fluval Sea Trace Elements is completely free from unwanted contaminants, such as gluconates, nitrates and phosphates.

5ml of Fluval Sea Trace Elements will treat up to 200 litres of water.

Key Features:

  • Contains 11 key trace elements
  • Helps to support essential biological processes
  • Free from unwanted contaminants
  • Ideal to combat trace element depletion
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