Fluval U Clearmax Cartridge

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Algae fighting Fluval U Clearmax Cartridges are available from Swell UK at a great price, fitting nicely into the U Series of internal filters to help kill algae blooms.


  • U2 Clearmax Cartridge (2 pack)
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  • U3 Clearmax Cartridge (2 pack)
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  • U4 Clearmax Cartridge (2 pack)
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Product Information

Remove nitrates and phosphates and lessen the risk of algae growth in your aquarium with these handy Fluval Clearmax cartridges designed to use with the Fluval U Series range of internal filters.

A high rate of nitrates within your tank is a great nutrient source for algae blooms which can quickly spread into a real problem. Adding the right Fluval U Cartridge to your filter will eradicate the problem before it begins.

The cartridges work by absorbing nitrates, nitrites and phosphates, all key ingredients for an algae problem. As the Fluval U Series of filters have an easy to use lid, simply pop in the cartridge and you're ready to go.

To work out the right cartridge for your filter, simply match the U Series number.

Also available are the fluval-u-filter-media sponges and carbon cartridges.

Each pack contains 2 Clearmax Cartridges

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