Hikari Cichlid Gold Large

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Hikari Cichlid Gold Large is a scientifically formulated fish food that has been specially developed for use with all types of cichlid, as well as larger tropical fish


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Product Information

Hikari Cichlid Gold Large is the ideal food for larger Cichlids and other large tropical fish.

Cichlid Gold contains a high dose of vitamins, minerals and a minimum of 40% protein to ensure that your large fish have everything they need to thrive. The food also contains carotene to boost beautiful colours.

An additional dose of vitamin C has been incorporated into the pellets to fortify the immune system and provide good resistance against stress and disease.

The large pellets have been designed to retain their shape in the water, and can easily be seen to monitor consumption. As the tablets do not disintegrate quickly, they produce little waste to avoid cloudy water.

Each pellet is approximately 7.2 - 8.2mm in size.

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