Hikari Cichlid Gold Mini

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Hikari Cichlid Gold Mini promotes the natural bright and lively colouring of cichlids, while also providing high quality nutrition through a regular diet


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Product Information

The Hikari Cichlid Gold Mini is perfect for baby to small sized Cichlids.

Packed with 40% protein, minerals and vitamins, these tasty pellets will provide your fish with everything they need to thrive.

They also contain carotene to promote healthy colours and vitamin C to improve the immune system and ability to resist stress and disease.

Each pellet has been created to hold its shape in the water, so that the fish can easily find the food. This also means that you can see how much they have eaten too.

The sturdy structure will not cause cloudy water or a waste problem.

The pellet diameter measures approximately 3.2 ~ 3.7mm

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