Hozelock 180 Microjet - Pack of 6

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Hozelock 180° Microjet - Pack of 6 is available from Swell Uk can help you get your garden irrigation system perfect, allowing you to tailor your water course to your garden;s specific needs.


  • 180_ Microjet - Pack of 6
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Product Information

Hozelock 180° Microjet - Pack of 6, available from Swell UK at a discounted price.

Product characteristics at a glance:

  • For use with Hozelock Micro-Irrigation equipment
  • Produces a fine jet spray
  • Can be used in conjunction with a 4mm flow control valve (item code:2776) to adjust/reduce the flow
  • Used at the end of the 4mm tube, or can be inserted directly into the 13mm supply tube
  • May be attached to a high spike to raise the microjet by 35cm
  • 180° jet produces a semi-circular spray pattern (max. radius 200cm coverage)
  • Different spray patterns available
  • Microjets can be used to provide complete coverage of flowerbeds and borders.
  • Suitable for Borders, Greenhouses and vegetable gardens.
  • Max. flow 55 litres per hour, based on a pressure of 1.5bar
  • Made of UV-stable plastic
  • Pack of 6

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