Hozelock Bioforce 3000 and 4500

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This Hozelock Bioforce set are a range of pond filters that use pressure to ensure the best clean. Quite unique, they are cutting-edge and can really achieve crystal clear water with minimal maintenance.


  • Bioforce 3000
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    Free: additional 9w PLS UV bulb (worth £19.49 RRP)
  • Bioforce 4500
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    Free: additional 9w PLS UV bulb (worth £19.49 RRP)

Product Information

Hozelock's Bioforce range of pressurized filters have been a firm favourite of pond keepers and Swell UK customer for years. Now being replaced by the Hozelock Bioforce Revolution, the last of these classic, pre-assembled filters are sold at a discounted price by Swell UK.

Ready-built for easy installation, each unit can be discreetly hidden at the side of a pond or buried in the ground up to the level of hose inlets, meaning your garden doesn't have to lose the good-looks you have carefully cultivated. A pressurised filter, it allows the water to be pumped to a higher exit point to create stunning waterfalls to further enhance the look of your garden.

Each Bioforce unit forces your dirty pond water to flow through coarse foams, removing the larger particles of dirt and bio-mass that discolour your pond. The water then moves through profiled foams which present a larger surface area for the efficient removal of waste.

Bioforce features superb biological filtration, using Kaldnes K3 biomedia - exclusive to Hozelock Cyprio filter systems. Kaldnes bio-media is scientifically proven and is used in industrial water purification processes due to its' reliability and value for money. It features a superior biological capacity compared to other bio-media used in pond filtration, meaning that larger bacterial cultures can be grown to help break down the matter in your pond.

High efficiency single-ended UV lamps and in-built water Turbulator treat the water as it passes into the filter, clumping and killing algae and aerating the water.

Each filter also features an easy clean "backflush" facility for cleaning debris out of the filter

Key Features:

  • Three stages of filtration, including biological mechanical and UV
  • 2 year manufacturer guarantee
  • Pressurised filtration
  • Allows a complete filtration process
  • Available in a variety of water capacities
  • Includes 'back-flush' facility

Hozelock Bioforce 3000 UVC Pond Filter

  • Max Pond Size: No Fish: 3000ltr, With Fish: 1500ltr (Not for Koi)
  • Max Fish CM: 180cm.
  • Max Flow Rate: 1500lph.
  • UVC: 9W PLS.
  • Hose Connection: 20-25mm.
  • Dimensions (approx): 270 x 270 x 311mm (L x W x H).

Hozelock Bioforce 4500 UVC Pond Filter

  • Max Pond Size: No Fish: 4500ltr, With Fish: 2250ltr (Not for Koi)
  • Max Fish CM: 300cm.
  • Max Flow Rate: 4000lph.
  • UVC: 9W PLS.
  • Hose Connection: 20-25mm.
  • Dimensions (approx): 270 x 270 x 370mm (L x W x H).

Product Specification

Product Max Pond Size Inlet Pipe Size UV Wattage Outlet Pipe Size Guarantee
Hozelock Bioforce 3000 3000ltr/660gal 20-25mm 9 Watt PLS 20-25mm 2 years
Hozelock Bioforce 4500 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

Latest Customer Reviews

  • Rating
    Date 24/04/2017 05:04am
    Hozelock Bioforce 3000
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    What I wanted and had free bulb
  • Rating
    Date 18/04/2017 11:04am
    Hozelock Bioforce 3000
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    THis is an excellent piece of equipment at a remarkably cheap price.The best price on the market.
  • Rating
    Date 17/07/2015 08:07am
    Hozelock Bioforce 3000
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    Can't see any glow through the UV port with either of the lamps supplied. Mechanical filtration seems to be working but it's early days
  • Rating
    Date 06/04/2017 18:04pm
    Hozelock Bioforce 3000
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    up and running in one hour and pond is now starting to clear great news
  • Rating
    Date 01/04/2017 12:04pm
    Hozelock Bioforce 4500
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    My old hozelock bioforce broke down after many years of service and had to be replaced I recommend this excellent product to anyone in need of a pond filter although I do understand that this particular model is being phased out and being replaced with a new model.