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These fantastic and innovative Hozelock EasyClear combinations of pump and filter even produce a fountain at the top, giving you clean water and a dynamic feature pond to enjoy.


  • EasyClear 3000
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  • EasyClear 4500
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  • EasyClear 6000
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  • EasyClear 7500
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  • EasyClear 9000
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Product Information

The Hozelock Easy Clear collection of pond pumps and filter combinations are designed to save you time and money whilst still keeping your pond in superb working order.

Available in five sizes; 3000, 4500, 6000, 7500 and 9000 (references maximum pond size), so whatever size pond you have, you are sure to find the right unit for you. With adjustable flow control, you can ensure that your pump is running at the best rate for your pond.

Each unit boasts a powerful integrated pump that can handle the designated volume of water easily. An Ultra Violet light eradicates problem algae and clumps it together, ready for removal and remove problem green water. The easy bayonet fitting makes removal and installation easy and fast.

To further cleanse the water, the filter uses foam filters to strain debris and waste from the water easily - leaving just beautifully clean water. Biomedia is also included to fully cleanse the water of excess nitrites and other elements that can cause problems.

The Easy Clear 3000 and 4500 also includes a fountain head to produce a fountain. So for one great price you have 3 great features -pump, filter and fountain.

The larger 6000, 7500 and 9000 models boast another feature. As well as the fountain, these units have a waterfall/watercourse outlet (if using both waterfall and fountain outlets, flow will be split). The features can be used together to create a variety of stunning affects.

The fountain heads come in 3 formats; 2 Tier, 3 Tier and Bell, for three different looks.

The Easy Clear range is also very easy to maintain. It has a latch for easy access to the filter foams, which can be rinsed and reused. A by-pass device will direct the water away from the electrics should the media become blocked. Finally, an anti-clog strainer can easily be cleaned to keep the pump in great condition.

Key Features:

  • Efficient pump with adjustable flow rate
  • Filter including foam filter media and biomedia for mechanical and biological filtration
  • UV light eradicates algae cells
  • 3000 and 4500 models include fountain heads
  • 6000, 7500 and 9000 models have fountain heads and waterfall-outlet feature
  • Easy to maintain
  • 10m of power cable
  • 25mm inlet / outlet
  • Recommended maximum waterfall height of 60cm (2 feet)

See the handy table below for technical specifics:

Product Specification

Product Guarantee Notes Wattage UV Wattage Max Head
Hozelock EasyClear 3000 3 Year Suitable for ponds up to 3000ltr (without fish), 1500ltr (with fish). 35 watts 5w 0.7m fountain ht.
Hozelock EasyClear 4500 3 Year Suitable for ponds up to 4500ltr (without fish), 3000ltr (with fish) 28 watts 7w 0.7m fountain ht.
Hozelock EasyClear 6000 3 Year Suitable for ponds up to 6000ltr (without fish), 3000lt (with fish) 60 watts 9w 1.6m fountain ht.
Hozelock EasyClear 7500 3 Year Suitable for ponds up to 7500ltr (without fish), 3500lt (with fish) 43 watts 11w 1.6m fountain ht.
Hozelock EasyClear 9000 3 years Suitable for ponds up to 9000ltr (without fish), 4000lt (with fish) 55watts 13w 1.9m fountain ht.

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