Hydor Rotating Water Deflector

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Help oxygenate the water entering your aquarium using a Hydor Rotating Water Deflector, added to your outlet pump to add extra oxygen levels to your water for the benefit of your fish.


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Product Information

The Hydor Rotating Water Deflector can be applied (with the correct adaptors) to the outlet of any pump or filter. Moves the aquarium water increasing oxygenation and surface gas exchange preventing the formation of the "white line" effects.

The Hydor Rotating Water Deflector can be used in either tropical or marine aquariums making it ideal for most nano marine tanks. The Hydor Rotating Water Deflector has a 360 degree rotation guaranteed by the water flow of the pump / filter, giving you a most beneficial wave effect which gives you a gentle movement which is ideal for plants, corals and invertebrates. 

At a glance:

  • Suitable for marine and tropical aquariums
  • 360 Degree rotation guaranteed by the water flow of the pump / filter
  • Creates a beneficial wave effect which moves plants and invertebrates
  • Functions with no extra energy consumption
  • 2 year guarantee


  • Min and Max Flowrate 300 / 1200 litres per hour
  • Min and Max Flowrate 80 / 310 gallons per hour
  • No electrics needed
  • Dimensions: 4.cm x 5.5cm

Product Specification

Product Size Notes Guarantee
Hydor Rotating Water Deflector 5.5cm x 4cm Min/Max Flow-rate 300 / 1200 lph 2 Year

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