Hydor Smart Level Control

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Hydor Smart Level Controls are available at the best prices from Swell to help you accurately monitor your aquarium water levels, ensuring they don


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Product Information

Hydor's Smart Level Control Unit is a compact automatic top up system with convenient, intelligent features.

It has a waterproof probe with a 3 position level sensors, comprising minimum water level, maximum level and an alarm.

The Smart Level Control unit has easy to read LED indicators.

It also has a magnetic suction cup, so it can be easily and safely mounted within the fish tank or sump.

To use the probe, simply insert into the aquarium or sump tank at the right level. The integral sensor will determine the water level and initiate or turn off a pump as needed. The unit works by gauging the temperature, when the water level drops or rises the temperature changes in the probe chamber, telling the system it needs to turn on or off.

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