Hydor Wavemaker 4 Kit

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Simulate a relaxing ocean current in your marine tank, encouraging the gentle swaying of your soft corals with this Hydor Wavemaker 4 Kit, available with Next Working Day Delivery options from Swell UK.


  • Wavemaker 4
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Product Information

Hydor Koralia Professional Marine Equipment 'Wavemaker 4' low voltage pump controller.

Wavemaker control system, designed exlusively for use with Koralia 12V pumps to create beneficial wave and tide effects in marine aquariums.

Pre-set and customisable programs allow for the creation and control of water movements which suit the needs of SPS/LPS corals, and take into account the Min/Max flow rate of each pump. Easily control all four pumps and programs using the 2.5" monitor and soft-touch keypad.

 Thanks to the 2.5" LCD screen and the keypad, the aquarium enthusiast is able to keep constant control of the program selected and the functioning and speed of the pumps. In addition to the four pre-set programs, the WAVEMAKER 4 is equipped with two extra functions: the Fish Food Function and the Night Function.

There are five pre-set programs:

SEQUENTIAL: one after the other, the pumps increase and decrease their rotation speed from minimum to maximum;

SYNCHRONISED: the pumps increase and decrease in power at the same time:

ALTERNATE: the pumps work in pairs;

ADDITIVE: the pumps increase in power one after the other until they all reach the maximum level, then go back down, in the same way, to the minimum level;

STEADY: the pumps always operate at the rotation speed set. It is also possible to select new, customised programs and save them in the system.

Key Features:

  • Flexibility: control up to four independently working pumps.
  • Control: 2.5" LCD monitor to visualise set programs, pump function and pump speed.
  • Wave or tide effect: comes with four pre-set programs and one customisable setting.
  • Night Mode: programmable Night Mode slows the pumps down to the minimum for a pre-determined period of time, or for Auto Night Mode use the Photocell (not included).
  • Food Mode: slows the pumps down to the minimum for five minutes to allow for the feeding of fish and invertebrates.
  • Feature a smooth running fan for cooling.

Product Specification

Product Notes Size Voltage
Hydor Wavemaker 4 Use with Koralia 5,6,7,8 pumps L - 22cm, W - 16cm, HT - 8cm 230 - 240 V, 50 Hz

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