Interpet Airvolution 1 Aquarium Air Pump

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The Interpet Airvolution 1 Aquarium Air Pump is an extremely powerful air pump that has been designed after extensive research into noise suppression technology. Thanks to the primary and secondary carbon filters outstanding air purity is assured


  • Airvolution 1 Aquarium Air Pump
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Product Information

The Interpet Airvolution 1 Aquarium Air Pump is a modern and unobtrusive design that delivers 170 litre of air an hour to an aquarium. It has a primary and secondary carbon filter chamber to ensure outstanding air purity. This high pressure air pump is ideal for use with under gravel filters in aquariums up to 46cm long, or can power one 15cm air stone, or one to two small ornaments.

The pump is renowned for the noise suppression technology. The unit has a precision moulded diaphragm, which is made from modern, durable material. The inlet chamber and outlet tubing both suppress the volume of the unit, plus the anti-vibration feet will eradicate as much sound as possible for the least disturbance.

Key Features:

  • Product height: 13cm / 3.9"
  • Primary and secondary carbon filter chambers ensure clean air
  • High pressure output ideal for filters, ornaments and air walls
  • Ideal for small aquariums and bowls
  • Maximum air flow: 170 litres per hour
  • Modern, stylish design
  • Anti-vibration feet, inlet noise supressing chamber and outlet noise suppressing tubing
  • Suitable for use in aquariums up to 46cm / 18.1" long

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